About Equation Racing

Being a mathematician and seeing the world in numbers, alongside being an avid horse racing fan, one question has always been on my mind: Is there a solution to picking winners in horse racing? “The Equation” answers that with a resounding yes! “The Equation” is a combination of two things; a large pool of racing data and comprehensive mathematics.

After years of developing complex statistical skills at a top UK university, the output is a three-pronged logistic regression algorithm that aims to predict winners within AW racing.

The three-pronged approach allows for numerous variables to be accounted for thus covering every significant indicator within racing. The maths allows for a clear, simple approach towards betting, more akin to an investment rather than a “punt”.

Working on a 1pt win bet per selection, “The Equation” has produced some astonishing results. The model works at an average strike rate of a 1/3 and after 7 months has returned a staggering 130pts profit! Bearing in mind the AW season is just about to hit full tilt, the models estimate for profit over 12 months is over 200pts. Meaning a £100 level stake equals a pay out of £20,000 across the year.

This poses as an extremely lucrative opportunity to step away from tipsters with a strong “gut feeling” and instead, follow the numbers, follow “The Equation”!

So, How Does It Work?

  • Once you’ve signed up you’ll be given full access to each day’s selections via email and on a members’ login area.
  • Customers can then place whatever stake they like on each selection
  • A winning profit/loss for each bet for each week and month is recorded
  • Only When a 20 point profit cycle is hit customers be charged
  • Once 20pts is achieved the cycle starts again (anything over 20pts gets rolled over to the next cycle, but we’ll give you 3pts on us) ……and off we go again!

For example:
25 pts cycle is reached
20pts charged
2pts carried over to the next cycle (you get 3pts on us!)

Ok, so you might be thinking – great, but what if it takes months or if not years to hit one 20pt profit cycle. Yes, we’ll be in profit, but it’s taken ages and is it really worth it?

DON’T WORRY – The mathematician behind EQUATION RACING have been proofing this way of delivering selections for THE LAST 7 MONTHS with a staggering 176pts PROFIT –  on average they fully expect to hit between 8-10 cycles EVERY YEAR!

Therefore, over a 12-month period the EQR are fully expected to bank OVER 200pts – meaning at £100 level stakes that a cool £20,000 over the year, or at only £25 level stakes still a decent £5,000!


  • Even at 6 cycles that’s 20pts x 6 = 120pts a year
  • But at 8 cycles 20pts x 8 = 160pts a year
  • While 10 cycles is a staggering 20pts x 10 = 200pts a year

But here are some key questions answered……………………………….

How Many Members Are You Taking On?

We are limiting this to 100 customers per cycle – there will be no flexibility on this, so anyone wanting to join a cycle that is already maxed out will be put on a ‘first come, first served’ waiting list.

Is There an Upfront Charge to Book My Place?

Yes, but don’t worry – it’s a minimal amount (JUST £1 per cycle) and this is just to cover set-up and admin costs. But after that and there will be no costs until the 20pts target is reached. MONEY BACK OFFER – But best-of-all – if the 20pts cycle isn’t reached in 4 months (16 weeks) then this upfront cost will be 100% refunded!

How Much Will I Be Charged Each Time a 20pt Cycle is Reached?

Each 20pt Betting Cycle is charged at just £10 a point. Therefore, once the target 20pts are hit members will be charged £10 x 20pts = £200

How Much Do You Advise Betting On Each Point?

As each 20 point cycle will be charged at £10 a point, then to make a profit you will need to bet more than £10 a point on each selection. For example, if you wanted to make £200 per cycle after fees, you would bet £20 a point, to make £400.

It’s entirely up to you and each member’s stakes will be slightly different. But never bet outside your means and keep stakes sensible.

But we recommend betting at £20+ a point – this way you are covered for the £10 a point cost, meaning members pocket ALL the extra winnings at £10+ a point. Basically – for every £200 EQR make you, you pay £200 and profit £200 (BASED ON BEING CHARGED £10 A POINT AND BETTING £20 A POINT).

What Happens If We Go Over The 20pts Cycle?

Yes, this will happen a lot, but don’t worry as members can cash-in here.
Up to 3pts over is on us!
Anything 3pts over the cycle won’t be charged – meaning members get a FREE 3pts every time this happens.
Then anything over the 20pts on that cycle will carry over to the next cycle and so on – but don’t forget you’ll get 3pts on us if it goes way over.

For example:
25 pt cycle is reached
20pts charged
2pts carried over to the next cycle (you get 3pts on us!)

Will Each Bet Be Given A Recommended Points to Place?

Yes, when bets are sent out via email and placed daily in the members area each one will have an advised points stake to be placed. That being said, the vast majority of bets will be straight 1pt ‘win only’ bets.

For example: Bobby’s Girl 1pt win at 3/1

What Time Will Bets Be Sent Out?

Bets will generally be available before 10:00am – (When AW racing is on) sent out via email and also posted in a members’ area which means no matter what sort of life you lead then you’ll have access to selections.

Will There Be Bets Every Day?

Not always, EQR are not in the business of putting bets out just for the sake of it, and of course there will only be selections for AW racing.

How Often Will The Results Be Updated?

Results will be updated at least once a week, but generally more often than that.

How Will The Prices/Points On Selections Be Calculated?

These will be calculated based on the advised price when the bets are sent out, or if that horse wins at a bigger SP then as the Best Odds Guaranteed Price.

Can I Take a Holiday During My Membership?

Yes, of course – just let us know. For whatever reason you need to take a break then we are allocating 2 weeks holiday a year to each full member. (Your payment at the end of that cycle will be reduced by the percentage of any profit you missed).

How Long Will A Cycle Last?

If proofing is anything to go on then EQUATION RACING predict on average 8-10 cycles a year – therefore, this equates to a cycle lasting between 1-2 months – but DON’T FORGET, if a the 20pt cycle is not hit inside 4 months (16 weeks) then members are entitled to their booking fee being refunded.

How Many Bets (On Average) Will There Be Each Day?

There are generally 3 bets a day, with occasionally 6/7 depending on the quality of racing. This is not one of those services that will fire out 10-15 bets a day and hope some stick!

How Will Bets Be Sent On To Members?

Via daily emails and also on a members’ login area

Is There An Advised Betting Bank?

Yes, we advise having a starting bank of 150-200 points