Welcome To Equation Racing

Being a mathematician and seeing the world in numbers, alongside being an avid horse racing fan, one question has always been on my mind: Is there a solution to picking winners in horse racing? "The Equation" answers that with a resounding yes!

"The Equation" is a combination of two things; a large pool of racing data and comprehensive mathematics.

Over a 12-month period the EQR are fully expected to bank OVER 200pts – meaning at £100 level stakes would see a profit of £20,000 over the year, or at only £25 level stakes thats still a decent
£5,000 profit for 5 minutes work!

After years of developing complex statistical skills at a top UK university, the output is a three-pronged logistic regression algorithm that aims to predict winners within AW racing.

The three-pronged approach allows for numerous variables to be accounted for thus covering every significant indicator within racing. The maths allows for a clear, simple approach towards betting, more akin to an investment rather than a "punt".

This poses as an extremely lucrative opportunity to step away from tipsters with a strong "gut feeling" and instead, follow the numbers, follow "The Equation"!